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"Venetian Waterscape"
metallic, acrylic, & swiss crayon on paper

"Venetian Waterscape"

  • 36" x 24"
Category: Originals
Media: Acrylic
Framed: None
Availability: Sold

Price: US$ 1400
Viewing Room: Semi- Abstract ,Transitional Paintings        Categories: Originals
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"Venetian Waterscape"
"Florence, Italy"
"Chicago Skyline in Blue"
"View of Seattle"
"Evening in Los Angeles"
"Mount Calvary"
"Traces of Yesteryear 2"
"Traces of Yesteryear 1"
"Gardenside 4"
"Gardenside 2"
"Gardenside 1"
"Natural Legacy 2"
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"Woodland Refuge 2"
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"Woodland Corridor 2"
"Woodland Corridor 1"
"Elements of Nature 2"
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"Skyline Colorscape"
"City Lights on Waterfront"
"Night Song"
"The Olive Garden"
"Earthen Legacy 2"
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"Cityside Waterfront"
"Daniels & Fishers Tower"
"Seaside Lights 2"
"Seaside Lights 1"
"Ciudad de la Cruz"
"Seaside Haven"
"Waterside 2"
"Waterside 1"
"Downtown 2"
"Downtown 1"
"Big City Skyline 2"
"Big City Skyline 1"
"Downtown Skyline 2"
"Downtown Skyline 1"
"San Francisco Skyline"
"Chicago Skyline"
"Philadelphia Skyline"
"Remembering Prague"
"Venice, Grand Canal"
"Houston Skyline"
"Dallas Skyline"
"Atlanta Skyline"
"Metroscape 2"
"Metroscape 1"
"Musical History"
"Sonata 3"
"Sonata 2"
"Sonata 1"
"Three Musicians"
"Woman Reading"
"Making Music"
"La Ciudad de Colores"
"Big City Skyline"
"Between concertos"
"Rhythm & Blues Medley"
"Rhythm & Blues 3"
"Harmonic arrangement 2"
"Harmonic Arrangement 1"