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"Venetian Waterscape"
metallic, acrylic, & swiss crayon on paper
"Venetian Waterscape"
36" x 24"
Category: Originals
Media: Acrylic
Framed: None
Availability: Sold

Price: US$ 1400
Viewing Room: Semi- Abstract ,Transitional Paintings        Categories: Originals
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Venetian Waterscape
Florence, Italy
Chicago Skyline in Blue
View of Seattle
Evening in Los Angeles
Mount Calvary
Traces of Yesteryear 2
Traces of Yesteryear 1
Gardenside 4
Gardenside 2
Gardenside 1
Natural Legacy 2
Natural Legacy 1
Woodland Refuge 2
Woodland Refuge 1
Woodland Corridor 2
Woodland Corridor 1
Elements of Nature 2
Elements of Nature 1
Skyline Colorscape
City Lights on Waterfront
Night Song
The Olive Garden
Earthen Legacy 2
Earthen Legacy 1
Cityside Waterfront
Daniels & Fishers Tower
Seaside Lights 2
Seaside Lights 1
Ciudad de la Cruz
Seaside Haven
Waterside 2
Waterside 1
Downtown 2
Downtown 1
Big City Skyline 2
Big City Skyline 1
Downtown Skyline 2
Downtown Skyline 1
San Francisco Skyline
Chicago Skyline
Philadelphia Skyline
Remembering Prague
Venice, Grand Canal
Houston Skyline
Dallas Skyline
Atlanta Skyline
Metroscape 2
Metroscape 1
Musical History
Sonata 3
Sonata 2
Sonata 1
Three Musicians
Woman Reading
Making Music
La Ciudad de Colores
Big City Skyline
Between concertos
Rhythm & Blues Medley
Rhythm & Blues 3
Harmonic arrangement 2
Harmonic Arrangement 1